Web Design

SSEK Law Firm

At its core, SSEK Law Firm believes in nurturing young talents to become reliable and credible lawyers with a critical and forward-thinking mentality. These traits are what made SSEK a revolutionary law firm and set them apart from other law firms. Garam crafted the firm’s visual identity to communicate ‘Shaping Tomorrow, Today’ – a brand

Trentino E-Bike Store

The e-bike store brand name was derived from a well known biking region in North Italy. The link between two wheels and this land is profound: in Trentino, cycling is not just a sport, it is a philosophy! Within the two wheel icon as the brandmark, a silhouette symbol to represent electric vehicles is introduced

Andaru Villas

Andaru Website Redesign

The website redesign not only revamped the customer experience and visual expression, but also added features such as language options (English, Mandarin & Japanese) and concierge service. It also goes beyond allowing visitors to learn about the property and make bookings, but also provide more information on the destination and compose itineraries.

Ultimo Italian Restaurant

Ultimo Bali Italian Restaurant comes from this: family relationship in Italy are more intimate and has deeper meaning than western countries in general. Italians maintain closeness and intimacy with distant families. They often gather with family and food is a link that tightens the relationship. Our solution leveraged the Italian authenticity of Ultimo Bali recipes