Braga Permai

A century of stories with Braga Permai, a legendary restaurant in the city of Bandung. There are many brands that have been around for a couple of decades, but more impressive however are the brands that have been operating for over 100 years, a testament to their drive for innovation, unmatched service and attachment with


Even now that the city is overflowing with Italian restaurants, some find their way back to Toscana for the memories. Sure, its new brand face came as a surprise, but many things have stayed the same; from the fresh red roses that graze every table, the dark wooden ceiling, down to the comfortable and intimate

Ultimo Italian Restaurant

Ultimo Bali Italian Restaurant comes from this: family relationship in Italy are more intimate and has deeper meaning than western countries in general. Italians maintain closeness and intimacy with distant families. They often gather with family and food is a link that tightens the relationship. Our solution leveraged the Italian authenticity of Ultimo Bali recipes