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Andaru Website Redesign

PT Bali Hadiyasa Kreasindo
Jl Jatinegara Barat 124,
Jakarta Timur 13320

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Andaru Villas
Property & Hospitality
/ 2019

The website redesign not only revamped the customer experience and visual expression, but also added features such as language options (English, Mandarin & Japanese) and concierge service. It also goes beyond allowing visitors to learn about the property and make bookings, but also provide more information on the destination and compose itineraries.

Web Design, Property & Hospitality

As a luxury home away from home destination, Andaru wants to be established as a brand that delivers delight, well-being and respect for its customers. With 4 and 5 star villas that are made more accessible, Andaru offers a homely, cosy villa experience that is intended to not be as intimidating than some of the more design-led offers. Their website, however, did not reflect the brand’s blueprint in the most optimal way.

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"Luxury hospitality on your own terms"