BNI Syariah Hasanah Prioritas

BNI Syariah Hasanah Prioritas Branding

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BNI Syariah Hasanah Prioritas
Banking & Finance
/ 2020

BNI Syariah's Hasanah Prioritas brand identity is developed by us and we worked along with them to help strengthen their voice and capture their unique personality through an identity that combines both spiritual and worldly values of BNI Syariah. When it comes to a priority service, it’s important to keep everything simple and in ease of use. This, as well, is echoed on how we put the company’s essence into a symbol that everyone can easily catch on. First, it’s a distinctive mandala. Next, it’s a logotype of multiple meanings.

Branding, Logo & Identity, Banking & Finance

As a top-three syariah bank in Indonesia, BNI Syariah (BNIS) repackaged their priority service to increase the overall banking experience for their high networth individuals,  under the name Hasanah Prioritas; a service that not only provides the best for a person financially, but also spiritually.

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