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Anugrah Analisis Sempurna
Professional Services
/ 2023

We do some research on AAS Laboratory to recognize their characters and find brand's feelings. Along the way, we realized that they needed more than just a visual identity, but also a slogan that represented who they are and what they do. After that, we communicates ‘Shaping a Sustainable Future’ – a brand slogan that represents AAS Laboratory as a one-line laboratory service that preserves a sustainable environment.

In term of their branding & visual identity, we developed based on the type of font, filled with their signature blue color which represents reliability and trustworthiness, combined with Saraswanti’s signature green bowl. The new visual identity of AAS Laboratory is bolder and validates that they are part of Saraswanti Group that engaged in environmental testing and calibration. We also revitalized the brand guideline and stationery & printing collateral.

Branding, Logo & Identity, Rebranding, Professional Services

PT Anugrah Analisis Sempurna or AAS Laboratory is a company engaged in laboratory service that performs tests and calibration to preserve environmental quality with sustainability. As a part of Saraswanti Group, AAS Laboratory decided to rejuvenate their brand identity to be similar to their sister company, but not to remove the Saraswanti signature as a roof from them.

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