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Smoking Barrels
FMCG, Food & Beverages, Products, Retail
/ 2022

After we carefully listened to the brief, we realized that Smoking Barrels Craft Coffee needed more than just a visual of packaging design, but also a strategic design thinking that includes technical packaging structure, format and production. We started by developing several alternatives of packaging structure and mechanism. After that, we developed a complete visual appearance based on the product category of Smoking Barrels. Our aim is to create a distinctive visual appearance between a varied range of Regular Blend categories with small batches of Artisanal Release, through 1 master design system. The new packaging design of Smoking Barrels, has to be bold, strongly distinctive, and embody the premium taste of high-quality coffee beans from various origins. By doing so, we create a packaging that is not only highly recognizable but also helped Smoking Barrels strengthen their image as an artisan coffee brand.

Packaging Design, FMCG, Food & Beverages, Products, Retail

As the coffee industry is getting more competitive, Smoking Barrels Craft Coffee introduces Artisanal Release, a premium limited selection of quality coffee beans specially roasted in small batches and injected with nitrogen, a method that prevents the coffee from oxidation, thus prolongs lifespan and maintains freshness of the coffee. Smoking Barrels needed a new packaging design that not only introduced Artisanal Release, but also a versatile design system that allowed them to stand out and be consistent across a wide range of coffee origins.

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