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PT Bali Hadiyasa Kreasindo
Jl Jatinegara Barat 124,
Jakarta Timur 13320

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SSEK Law Firm
Professional Services
/ 2022

At its core, SSEK Law Firm believes in nurturing young talents to become reliable and credible lawyers with a critical and forward-thinking mentality. These traits are what made SSEK a revolutionary law firm and set them apart from other law firms.

Garam crafted the firm's visual identity to communicate ‘Shaping Tomorrow, Today’ – a brand story that represents SSEK as a modern, forward thinking law firm. We also revitalized the brand touch points, including website, printing & marketing collaterals, social media guideline and internal communication.

Branding, Digital Design, Logo & Identity, Rebranding, Web Design, Professional Services

As one of the largest and most respected independent law firms in Indonesia, SSEK has built its reputation for more than 3 decades by combining experience and expertise at the highest local and international levels. Coinciding with its 30th anniversary as well as to adapt with a changing legal and business landscape, the firm decided to rejuvenate its brand image to prepare itself for the future.

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