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/ 2023

Even now that the city is overflowing with Italian restaurants, some find their way back to Toscana for the memories. Sure, its new brand face came as a surprise, but many things have stayed the same; from the fresh red roses that graze every table, the dark wooden ceiling, down to the comfortable and intimate atmosphere that has drawn a steady flow of diners to the restaurant over the years. We worked closely with the owner to redefine the brand, from conception to the execution. The new identity is inspired by a signature arch of a classic Italian door, a representation of 'a way back' to Tuscany through a gastronomy journey of Tuscany's origin recipe.

Logo & Identity, Rebranding, Restaurant

Twenty seven years after it first opened in 1996, Toscana relaunched themselves with a renovated interior, while still maintaining what they were famous for, Authentic, Romantic, Intimacy. Preserving the tradition of authentic Italian cuisine, with a modern twist of presentation and atmospheric ambiance.

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