Property & Hospitality

Braga Permai 100th Anniversary

Garam Creative was trusted to help Braga Permai to create brand activation coinciding with its 100th anniversary celebration. The big idea for brand activation was ‘Kisah.Titik.Teduh’. Telling stories about Braga Permai as historical nostalgic landmark (Kisah), a melting pot of social-art-culture at the heart of Bandung (Titik), and how Braga Permai always become a heartwarming

Rumours Beach Club

Garam redesigned the entire branding expression of Rumours Beach Club to communicate the concept of ‘Living The Island Life’. The new logo is designed while retaining the lip silhouette taken from the old logo, made in a symbolic shape, and unified together with the coastline, islands and waves. Combined together with a modernized typography to

Andaru Villas

Andaru Website Redesign

The website redesign not only revamped the customer experience and visual expression, but also added features such as language options (English, Mandarin & Japanese) and concierge service. It also goes beyond allowing visitors to learn about the property and make bookings, but also provide more information on the destination and compose itineraries.