Smoking Barrels

After we carefully listened to the brief, we realized that Smoking Barrels Craft Coffee needed more than just a visual of packaging design, but also a strategic design thinking that includes technical packaging structure, format and production. We started by developing several alternatives of packaging structure and mechanism. After that, we developed a complete visual

Trentino E-Bike Store

The e-bike store brand name was derived from a well known biking region in North Italy. The link between two wheels and this land is profound: in Trentino, cycling is not just a sport, it is a philosophy! Within the two wheel icon as the brandmark, a silhouette symbol to represent electric vehicles is introduced

Dapur Express

Dapur Express logo icon multiple expressions

In a landscape dominant by reds, blues and yellows, a fresh green-orange combination was agreed upon. The happy face basket, as the icon of the Dapur Express (DE) brand, is given multiple expressions so that it can stay relevant in various situations. The brand identity is also made flexible enough for an offline-online growth venture.