Dapur Express

Dapur Express logo icon multiple expressions

PT Bali Hadiyasa Kreasindo
Jl Jatinegara Barat 124,
Jakarta Timur 13320

P +62 21 819 2774
E info@garamcollective.com
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Dapur Express
Convenience Store, Retail
/ 2021

In a landscape dominant by reds, blues and yellows, a fresh green-orange combination was agreed upon. The happy face basket, as the icon of the brand, is given multiple expressions so that it can stay relevant in various situations.

The identity is also made flexible enough for an offline-online growth venture.

Branding, Logo & Identity, Convenience Store, Retail

To connect with the everyday mom shoppers, Dapur Express needed a visual identity that’s not only striking but also friendly. The identity it self needed to be ominous so that it can be easily implemented for various channels and future plans.

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