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Braga Permai
/ 2023

A century of stories with Braga Permai, a legendary restaurant in the city of Bandung. There are many brands that have been around for a couple of decades, but more impressive however are the brands that have been operating for over 100 years, a testament to their drive for innovation, unmatched service and attachment with their community.

Garam creative was trusted to help bring Braga Permai into the next century through a brand rejuvenation process, one year in the making. Started with brand rejuvenation, followed up by 100th anniversary brand campaign. The new logo has been redrawn with new illustrations without eliminating historical component from the previous logo. We also retained the previous logotype with improvements in some details to maintain its familiar rich heritage.

Logo & Identity, Rebranding, Restaurant

A century after it first opened in 1923, Braga Permai, historically known as ‘Maison Bogerijen’, has become an inseparable part of Bandung’s Dutch Colonial history. This makes Braga Permai gained its reputation as a legendary nostalgic destination throughout generations.

As times change, Braga Permai also faces the challenge of maintaining its historical existence, building its legacy, and preserving its heritage for future generation so Braga Permai remains relevant and not lost in changing times.

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