Braga Permai 100th Anniversary


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Braga Permai 100th Anniversary
Arts & Culture, Property & Hospitality
/ 2023

Garam Creative was trusted to help Braga Permai to create brand activation coinciding with its 100th anniversary celebration. The big idea for brand activation was ‘Kisah.Titik.Teduh’. Telling stories about Braga Permai as historical nostalgic landmark (Kisah), a melting pot of social-art-culture at the heart of Bandung (Titik), and how Braga Permai always become a heartwarming restaurant (Teduh).

The concept of ‘Kisah.Titik.Teduh’ was executed in several activities leading up to the celebration day with the highlight events was brand’s 100th anniversary celebration, the reveal of revitalized brand and inauguration of Indonesian-World Record Museum.

Event, Rebranding, Arts & Culture, Property & Hospitality

Braga Permai 100th Anniversary

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Braga Permai bandung in 2023, the brand plans to create a series of activities to capture the history, legacy and stories which leads to where they are today, along with revealing the revitalized brand identity.

The goals of this brand activation are to reestablish the brand as a respectable and valued destination that cater to a diverse range of customers, preserving the restaurant as a landmark with historical values from a wider perspective, and preparing the brand for the next generation of consumers by adding a touch of modernity.

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