Rumours Beach Club


PT Bali Hadiyasa Kreasindo
Jl Jatinegara Barat 124,
Jakarta Timur 13320

P +62 21 819 2774
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Rumours Beach Club
Arts & Culture, Property & Hospitality
/ 2023

Garam redesigned the entire branding expression of Rumours Beach Club to communicate the concept of 'Living The Island Life'. The new logo is designed while retaining the lip silhouette taken from the old logo, made in a symbolic shape, and unified together with the coastline, islands and waves. Combined together with a modernized typography to express edgy, bold and distinctive looks.

The brand new identity represents an atmospheric Bali beach experiences. Rumours Beach Club bring people together to enjoy vacational vibes through culinary, music, wellness, art and crafts immersed in the experience of island life's hospitality.

Branding, Digital Design, Logo & Identity, Rebranding, Arts & Culture, Property & Hospitality

Rumours Beach Club is a melting pot for culture and community. After twenty-one years it opened for the first time in Bali, the brand is set for a new rebranding, coming with it a fresh new experience, an integrated hospitality concept consists of 4 core pillars: Culinary, Wellness, Sustainability, Music & Arts.

With this repositioning, the brand needs a new presentable image that can reflect the new concept of hospitality, “Living The Island Life”. This will elevate the experience to be more upscale, relaxed chill vibes and immersive. Making Rumors Beach Club a destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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