Anugrah Analisis Sempurna

We do some research on AAS Laboratory to recognize their characters and find brand’s feelings. Along the way, we realized that they needed more than just a visual identity, but also a slogan that represented who they are and what they do. After that, we communicates ‘Shaping a Sustainable Future’ – a brand slogan that


Even now that the city is overflowing with Italian restaurants, some find their way back to Toscana for the memories. Sure, its new brand face came as a surprise, but many things have stayed the same; from the fresh red roses that graze every table, the dark wooden ceiling, down to the comfortable and intimate atmosphere

Rumours Beach Club

Garam redesigned the entire branding expression to communicate the concept of ‘Living The Island Life’. The new logo is designed while retaining the lip silhouette taken from the old logo, made in a symbolic shape, and unified together with the coastline, islands and waves. Combined together with a modernized typography to express edgy, bold and

SSEK Law Firm

At its core, SSEK Law Firm believes in nurturing young talents to become reliable and credible lawyers with a critical and forward-thinking mentality. These traits are what made SSEK a revolutionary law firm and set them apart from other law firms. Garam crafted the firm’s visual identity to communicate ‘Shaping Tomorrow, Today’ – a brand

Saraswanti Indo Genetech Laboratory

The rebranding of  Saraswanti Indo Genetech (SIG Laboratory) revolved around a higher purpose, a bigger reason for being, which is about the health and security of consumers.  Before giving a new global persona, we repositioned SIG to a broader view point and understand how to package this in a way our audience can understand. The

Ultimo Italian Restaurant

Family relationship in Italy are more intimate and has deeper meaning than western countries in general. Italians maintain closeness and intimacy with distant families. They often gather with family and food is a link that tightens the relationship. Our solution leveraged the Italian authenticity of its recipes to give the brandmark a classic Roman feel,